You will need to configure specific ports and whitelist specific domain names in order to properly use Skylink, and key components of the Skylink platform like Skylink Signalling, Skylink TURN services, and Skylink MCU.

Domain Names:

Ideally, you will be able to whitelist * in order to limit the need for ongoing maintenance of specific domain names and ensure the service will work even if specific domain names change in the future.

If you prefer to whitelist specific domain names, the following must be whitelisted, at a minimum:

  • (if you are using hosted libraries)
  • turns*
  • mcu*


The following ports must be enabled in order to allow Skylink to work properly:


It is highly recommended that the following additional ports be enabled to ensure maximum flexibility for connectivity options:

  • TCP 3478 / 5349 (TURN/TURNS/STUN) 
  • UDP 3478 / 5349 (TURN/TURNS/STUN)

If you are forcing the use of TURN services, the ports listed above should be sufficient. However, if this is not the case, we also recommend enabling UDP media ports:

  • UDP 49152-65535

Last, we recommend enabling Secondary Signalling Failover Ports:

  • TCP 3000(HTTP) / 3443(HTTPS)

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