While we strongly recommended using CocoaPods to integrate the SKYLINK SDK into your project, if you need this to be done manually, please follow the below steps. We've used our Swift Sample App as a demo.

1. Delete the "Podfile" in the project folder as shown below.

2. Open the "SampleApp.xcodeproj" in Xcode 9.0 (or above)

3. Delete the "Pods" folder entirely, and delete "Pods_SampleApp.framework" file, as shown below.

4. Under "Build Settings", search for and mark "swift", "Always Embed Swift Standard Libraries" as "YES", as shown below.

5. Import these libs and frameworks as below. You need to build SocketIO and Starscream first. You may create a Carthage project to build those two, then import them as "Embedded Binaries", as shown below.

6. You will also need to manually import the following files into your project:

SKYLINK.framework, available for download here: http://skylink.io/ios/
SocketRocket (create a group and import the content of the repo's 'SocketRocket' folder in it): https://github.com/facebook/SocketRocket
iOS ntp ('network-udp' and 'ios-ntp-lib' folders): https://github.com/jbenet/ios-ntp
Add -ObjC to "Other Linker Flags", as shown below.

7. Your project should look like this:

8. Now try to build the project

9. You should be able to build the project without errors. If you encounter any compiling errors, please contact us at dev-support@temasys.io.