Note : These features are currently supported only by SkylinkJS 0.6.x. This feature is turned OFF by default for your application key.

Privileged key users have the permission to retrieve the list of peers in each room in the app space. This feature is generally used together with the Auto Introduce feature. If Auto Introduce is turned off for a key, then the users joining with the privileged key are able to introduce any Peer to any other Peer. 

This feature is ideal for use-cases that are similar to a call-center. With auto-introduce turned off, an agent who connects using a privileged key can view a list of customers who connect using a default key. The agent can then select a customer from this list and connect to them.


To turn the Privileged Key feature ON for your key, simply log in to the Temasys Console, click on the App which contains the App Key you would like to configure the application for, click on the App Key and change the status of the field Privileged to On to enable this feature. 

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