Temasys has deployed services globally. Our network includes nodes which are located in close proximity to China. We do a lot of work to address "troublesome" network configurations, and as a result we offer automated failover across several channels, to ensure that customers have the best possible reliability and lowest-latency connectivity.

Even with all of that, there are scenarios where highly restricted or nested configurations, or "nationally-enacted barriers" create network conditions that reduce performance and which are outside of Temasys's control. In these cases, we are technically and legally limited in our ability to provide functional workarounds.

Temasys uses commercially reasonable best efforts to make connectivity for our customers and their users in China as reliable as possible. However, the nature of restrictions put in place by actors and circumstances outside of our control means we cannot guarantee service availability in China, or other similarly restricted markets. All instances of this particular kind of connectivity issue will be addressed on a "case-by-case" and best-efforts basis.

If you have questions or encounter specific circumstances where network conditions are believed to cause issues with the performance of our services, please contact us at userhelp@temasys.io.

We will gladly work with customers to determine what, if any, workarounds are possible.