While the mobile SDKs do not limit the number of people who can join a room and there are no APIs on the mobile SDKs to that effect,  we do have protective limits in place to prevent the formation of more Peer Connections than a mobile devices' resources can generally handle. 

Currently, the maximum number of remote Peers that the SDK can connect to has a default value of 4, meaning that up to 4 remote Peers can connect with the user.

This number can be changed by using the iOS SDK's maxPeerCount property when you initialize your SkylinkConnection instance.

Objective C

SKYLINKConnectionConfig *config = [SKYLINKConnectionConfig new];
SKYLINKConnection *skylinkConnection = [[SKYLINKConnection alloc] initWithConfig:config appKey:@ "the_key"];
skylinkConnection.maxPeerCount = 5;


let config = SKYLINKConnectionConfig()
if let skylinkConnection = SKYLINKConnection(config: config, appKey: "the_key") {
skylinkConnection.maxPeerCount = 5
return skylinkConnection
} else {
return SKYLINKConnection()