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Dependencies 1.2.1

AdapterJS 0.10.4

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API Documentation

Skyway/Skylink compatibility

The existing Skyway object and its CDN paths will remain available for all versions < 0.6.0

Notable changes


  • Fix for continous sending of messages drops some messages through queuing 
  • Fixed once() events callback issuesAdded new function stopStream() to allow users to stop their LocalMediaStream
  • Added new event "streamEnded" that fires when user's own stream or peer's remote stream has ended.
  • Updated AdapterJS dependency to 0.10.4Fixed callback issues in leaveRoom and joinRoom.
  • More stable peer connection in health checks and catching of errors.Prevent .close() from being called when RTCPeerConnection state is closed.Fix for Safari and IE (plugin-enabled browsers) not appearing any video stream.
  • Fix for SDP not defined error when enableDataChannel is set to falseFix for enableTURNServer disabling STUN server and vice versa as well
  • Fix for enableIceTrickle = false breaking connection.