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  • 1.3.4
  • AdapterJS 0.10.5

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API Documentation

Skyway/Skylink compatibility

The existing Skyway object and its CDN paths will remain available for all versions < 0.6.0

New Features

  • npm install/bower install support
  • CDN links now offering gzipped content
  • generateUUID << method >> - that allows you to generate random unique ids.
  • ICE_CONNECTION_STATE.TRICKLE_FAILED << attribute >> - state that throws in iceConnectionState event after 3 attempts of ICE trickle failed. After this event state, ICE trickling would be disabled.
  • sendBlobData << method >> - callback error has more detailed signature to indicate whether it fails because of ongoing transfer or data channel not ready.
  • ICE trickle is enabled for MCU in Firefox browsers.


  • refreshConnection << method >> - is now able to refresh multiple peers when peerId parameter is not provided. #92
  • When receiving a redirect to kick user out, it should close all current video streams connection. #93
  • setUserData << method >> - userData not set when invoked before joinRoom(). #89
  • sendBlobData << method >> - success callback should only fire when respective transfer completed. #95
  • dataChannelState << event >> - OPEN should be fired in safari browsers when DataChannel actually opened. #94
  • Test script for stream test in firefox.
  • Test script for sdp test in firefox.
  • Test script for event test in firefox.


  • Improvement: Implemented RTCPeerConnection.addIceCandidate success and failure callbacks for better feedback on success and failure state.
  • Improvement: Implemented firefox new format of RTCOfferOptions in RTCPeerConnection.createOffer for firefox 32 + to move from deprecated options.
  • Improvement: Restart message has timestamp so that during a short interval only one connection refresh can happen on either sides.
  • Improvement: Handled most use-cases of connection issues with Firefox (win) to Chrome (mac). For some use cases when the ICE connection is connected but no video stream appears, use refreshConnection() to handle this case. #91

General Changes

  • Disabled refreshConnection() functionality for MCU until it is supported.
  • Moved _throttle() test to helper test.
  • Updated all tests scripts with more informative details.


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