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- 1.3.4

- AdapterJS 0.10.6

CDN links (gzipped)

- Minified library: //

- Debug library: //

- Minified with all dependencies: //

- Debug with all dependencies: //

API Documentation

Skyway/Skylink compatibility

- The existing Skyway object and its CDN paths will remain available for all versions < 0.6.0

New Features

- Added a new attribute called VIDEO_ENCODING setting priority for SDP (VP8, H265)

- Added a new attribute called AUDIO_ENCODING setting priority for SDP (iSAC, OPUS)

- init << method >> options allows you to set the audioEncoding and videoEncoding.

- muteStream << method>> getEmptyStream option is removed.

- getUserData << method >> providing a peerId returns a peer's userData.

- Added SM_PROTOCOL_VERSION for SDK developers to see the standard Signalling message protocol version.

- Added DT_PROTOCOL_VERSION for SDK developers to see the standard Data transfer protocol version.

- Browserify support


- Long-polling fixes. After a failed 5th attempt to reconnect, reconnection should be aborted.

- Hidden private methods and attributes in documentation.

- Fixes for XDomainRequest not working #21

- Fixes for documentation not loading when file is not hosted in a virtual server.


- Reordered documentation tabs.

- getPeerInfo << method >> not providing a valid peerId returns null.

- Cleaned up incorrect SDP parsings.

- Added main reference in package.json for react framework usage.

- Merged MCU changes pr#107

- Improved reconnection for slower congested network. To improve further.

- Use signalling provided list of ports instead of hard-coding them.

General changes

- Updated SDP test for new improved SDP parsing.

- Updated socket test for new way of socket connection.

- Updated messaging to always provide values to follow SM_PROTOCOL and DT_PROTOCOL standards cross-sdk.