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Dependencies 1.3.5

AdapterJS 0.12.2

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API Documentation



  • Used .urls when adding ICE server configuration for Peer connections. Fallback to .url if not supported.
  • Improved restart functionality with MCU


  • Updated some documentation changes.


  • server.js will run only on https:// to handle getUserMedia()'s deprecation on Chrome M47 and above.
  • Added privileged key demo


stopMediaOptions in leaveRoom() method is a JSON object that has options to stop screensharing or user media stream individually. Providing a value true instead of an object with options like { userMedia: false, screenshare: true } will result in options as both true. By default, if this parameter is not defined, the value is true.


  • Added isAudioFallbackError payload parameter to mediaAccessError event to indicate if error is linked to a failed fallback
  • Added mediaAccessFallback event when fallbacking to audio only call after a failed video+audio call.


  • Fixed peerBrowser.os not defined error while calling with application built with mobile SDKs.
  • shareScreen() breaks sometimes during an MCU connection



  • Fixed incomingStream from firing multiple times when invoking getUserMedia() before joinRoom().
  • Fixed MediaStream.ended deprecation that is still showing up.

Things that Developers should take note of

Changes required to make when integrating 0.6.3

  • getUserMedia() will throw an error with http:// in Chrome 47 and above (due to deprecation in Chrome). We recommend to please move your application to run on https://.
  • Using refreshConnection() during a MCU connection with targeted peers is not supported. This will refresh all the Peer connections due to the invoke of leaveRoom() and then joinRoom(). peerJoined and peerLeft events will be triggered other than peerRestart event. Note that shareScreen(), stopScreen() and sendStream() uses the refreshConnection() method to replace the current stream sent to Peers.