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Dependencies 1.4.4

AdapterJS 0.13.0

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Minified with all dependencies: //

Debug with all dependencies: //

API Documentation

New Features


  • Added new event called sessionDisconnect with payload (peerId, peerInfo). This will trigger when socket connection has closed abruptly before the session has ended. This will cause user to disconnect the session completely. Note that Firefox has issues reconnecting from network disconnection due to issue reported here, which is a duplicate of this ticket. Wait for later releases of Firefox for reconnection fixes.



  • Updated the Getting Started links to point with examples links.
  • Updated the certificates folder with in it.
  • Updated the with new outlook table.


  • Updated with more checks to prevent processing another SDP when one is being processed.



  • Fixes for Chrome 50 createOffer() to use the later format of RTCOfferOptions with mandatory. Should not throw any error about invalid iceRestart option.
  • Fixes for Opera browser being detected as "chrome" in Fixed with AdapterJS 0.13.1 release.
  • Fixes for bandwidth force setting the maximum sending bandwidth configuration if not provided in joinRoom(). This should leave it to browser defaults if it's not set. Note that this issue could affect video or audio quality if there is any issues before.


  • Fixes for freezing stream for Firefox stream in Chrome's view when Firefox connection refreshes connection with refreshConnection().
  • Fixes for Firefox screensharing plugin not installing. Fixed with AdapterJS 0.13.1 release. Note that this plugin and Chrome plugin will only work with localhost demos and Skylink hosted demos.
  • Fixes for Opera screensharing being available when it's not supposed to. Fixed with AdapterJS 0.13.1 release.


  • Fixes for documentation error in incomingStream
  • Fixes for documentation in mobile view


  • Fixes for demo/app causing problems for connection in Safari.