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Dependencies 1.4.8
AdapterJS: 0.14.0

CDN links (gzipped)

Minified library: //

Debug library: //

Minified with all dependencies://

Debug with all dependencies://

API Documentation

NPM Installation

npm install skylinkjs@0.6.17



  • Fixes for "ReferenceError: object is not defined" error when setting `` in `getUserMedia()` method.


  • Fixes for `getConnectionStatus()` returning inaccurate sending audio/video codec.
  • Fixes to document that the receiving audio / video codec may possibly be inaccurate since it may be overridden by remote sending Peer.

New Features


  • Added `` in `getUserMedia()` to set video camera facing mode.

Things for developers to note about

Partial Edge / bowser browser support has been added and requires H264 video experimental flag to be enabled.