Link to github: 0.6.19: Fixes for streamData() method errors and demo errors


CDN links (gzipped)

  • Minified library: //
  • Debug library: //
  • Minified with all dependencies: //
  • Debug with all dependencies: //

API Documentation

NPM Installation

  • npm install git://



  • Fixes for "updatedSessionInfo undefined error" thrown when invoking streamData() method.

Demo & Documentation

  • Fixes for demo/video-call throwing "malformed constraints" error.


  • Fixes to prevent App Key authentication twice when parsing for codecs supports.
  • Improvements


  • Added flags peerInfo.init which determines if Peer connection has been constructed and peerInfo.connection which determines if Peer ICE connection has been established. 
  • Added stats.connection.sdpConstraints which stores the constraints passed when creating offer or answer, stats.connection.constraints which stores the constraints passed when constructing the Peer connection and stats.connection.optional which stores the optional constraints passed when constructing the Peer connection 
  • to getConnectionStatusStateChangeevent.