Link to github: 0.6.20: Fixes for SDP errors with Firefox using MCU


CDN links (gzipped)

  • Minified library: //
  • Debug library: //
  • Minified with all dependencies: //
  • Debug with all dependencies: //

API Documentation

NPM Installation

  • npm install git://



  • Fixes to prevent .init() from resetting the codecs supports information.


  • Fixes for Firefox warnings for RTCSessionDescription.sdp as a read-only property and cannot be set.
  • Fixes for "InvalidSessionDescriptionError" thrown in Firefox due to invalid step of "a=sendrecv" received from MCU for "a=inactive" flag.
  • Fixes for Edge getConnectionStatus() undefined (e.g. timestamp of undefined) errors.
  • Fixes to ensure that getPeerInfo() reflects the rejected SDP m= line with, and returning as false when its relevant m= line is rejected.
  • Fixes to ensure that peerUpdated event is triggered each time peerInfo is received in "offer" and "answer" messages.



  • Updates to improve Edge browser 15.xxxx connections.

Demo & Documentation

  • Prevent published .min.js files from dropping console, so logs can be seen from SDK.