Link to github: 0.6.26: Fixes for orphaned socket connections when switching rooms too fast in joinRoom()


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  • Debug library: //
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NPM Installation

  • npm install git://



  • Fixes for joinRoom() sending multiple join Room requests which results in not opening or closing socket connections properly making them orphaned. This is reproducible only when switching rooms too quickly using the joinRoom() method since in the method, steps are called asynchronously.
  • Fixes for joinRoom({ audio: false, video: false }) not stopping stream. This should only stop getUserMedia() stream not shareScreen().


  • getUserMedia() and shareScreen() should invoke Adapter.webRTCReady() to initialize screensharing changes for Web apps developed using RequireJS library.



  • Fixes for options.socketTimeout in init() method to set default from 20000 to 7000 to improve fallback speed.
  • Fixes for options.forceSSL in init() method to set default from false to true as good security practice to enforce SSL unless specific.
  • Added options.apiTimeout in init() method to set timeout in ms to wait for response from Auth server, which would retry at least twice before aborting.


  • Fixes for options.usePublicSTUN in init() method to set default from true to false to prevent the list of servers overload.
  • Added new STUN / TURN opened ports for connectivity.


  • Added options.printTimestamp in setDebugMode() to print timestamp for every Web console logs printed.