The Temasys Skylink platform provides the back end capabilities to embed/ integrate video, voice and chat functionalities, among others into both PC and Mobile Applications. You can easily and swiftly add these functionalities to your application by using our SDK's and API's.

Please view the list of browsers on laptops and desktop computers that your application should work on.

Our Mobile SDKs enable you to run your app on iOS and Android mobile devices. Your application should work on all modern full-featured tablet and phone form factor devices with recent versions of standard Android (4.1+) and iOS (8+).

Your application should also work with the latest stable versions of the following browsers on Android devices: Google Chrome for Android, Firefox for Android, Opera Mobile and Android Webview.

Please note that Apple Safari 11 for iOS is the only supported browser for any iOS version.

While our official support is limited to the stable browser versions released within the last 6 months (inclusive of the current release), we do make an effort to support older browser versions where possible.

Additionally, while we make an effort to support upcoming browser releases well in advance, our official support excludes pre-stable browser releases.

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