Link to github: 0.6.27: Fixes for data transfer sessions not being reset after being cancelled from mobile browsers



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  • Minified library: //
  • Debug library: //
  • Minified with all dependencies: //
  • Debug with all dependencies: //

API Documentation

NPM Installation

npm install git://



  • Fixes for options.iceServer that is not honored.
  • Fixes for options.enableTURNServer that is not honored.
  • Fixes for options. enableSTUNServer that is not honored.
  • Fixes for init() not triggering readyStateChange even when options.appKey is not provided.


  • Fixes to clear current data transfer session to iOS when cancelled. That is also due to the lack of simultaneous data transfers support in iOS.


  • Moved all constants to the source/constants.js for easier accessibility.
  • Bump "node" and "npm" support to ">=8.7.0" and ">=5.5.1".
  • Removed seq-queue and crypto-js as they are unwanted "devDependencies".


  • Moved all settings and flags from init() method to _initOptions for easier accessibility.
  • Ensure returned HTTP status in readyStateChange event is fixed and the parameters are returned correctly.


  • Revamped the tests that have not been working correctly. Moved from tape+testling to karma+mocha+chai.
  • Added test for init() to ensure that parameters are correctly set and readyStateChangeevent is triggered accordingly.

New Features


  • Added getScreenSources() and getStreamSources() that allows users to retrieve the list of sources.