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CDN Links (gzipped)

  • Minified library: //
  • Debug library: //
  • Minified with all dependencies: //
  • Debug with all dependencies: //

API Documentation

NPM Installation

  • npm install git://

Bug fixes

  • Ice Candidates
    • Fixes an unhandled error raised by sendingEndOfCandidates() when a peer joins and leaves within 6000ms interval.Ice Connection
  • Stats
    • Fixes an issue seen in IE Edge for error parameter in an internal function postStats


  • Session Description
    • Added sdpSemantics flag while create a peer connection to force Chrome to use plan-b for generating a SDP.
  • Recording
    • Documentation: Remove@beta tag from startRecording and stopRecording methods
  • License
    • Updated licenses in demos to reflect year 2019