There are many possible reasons why this error is noted - including, but not limited to:

  • Poor network conditions with packet loss.

           While you may not notice dropped frames on the call itself, the frame loss could pose a challenge during encoding.

  • Corruption of the recording file at some point in time between the creation of the actual video from the camera to the reception on our servers
  • Faulty video devices
  • Erroneous video encoding by the device's CPU

In the case that you encounter this issue, we would recommend attempting recording on a stable internet connection with a different device.

If the issue persists even after following this, please contact Temasys Support by raising a ticket on our Support Portal or emailing us at

Please include the following information:

  • Your App Key ID
  • Whether this issue is faced sporadically or all the time.
  • The SDK version you're using and whether Collect Quality Stats has been enabled (How can I do this?)
  • The Date/Time and Timezone when you faced this issue.
  • The Room Name where this issue was observed.