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Apply this update only if you're having issues with using the shareScreen and sendStream methods. Otherwise, use the 0.6.37 release instead.

This update causes Peers to be unable to use the Skylink Media Relay/MCU services. All Peer-to-peer connectivity will continue to work.


CDN Links (gzipped)

  • Minified library: //
  • Debug library: //
  • Minified with all dependencies: //
  • Debug with all dependencies: //

API Documentation

NPM Installation

  • npm install git://


  • MediaStream
    • Internal updates to methods shareScreen and sendStream
    • Using RTCRTPSenders.replaceTrack
    • Using renegotiation when needed (when RTCRTPSenders are not available)
  • Session Description and Peer Connections

    • Defaults to unified-plan
    • Fixes for MS Edge SDP - no \n\r issue
    • Fixes to FF unified SDP - DTLS issue
    • Removing usage of deprecate stream methods
  • MCU
    • This is a breaking change for Peers using the MCU.