Currently our platform does not limit the number of participants in a session unless a limit is specifically set via the API for a given AppKey. In the case of the client, assuming adequate available bandwidth, the maximum number of participants will typically be limited by the CPU/GPU capacity of the client. In the case of a fairly recent mid-range desktop or laptop computer 6-8 users with both audio and video enabled is a reasonable expectation. This number will be higher when using a signalling only or audio only call.

With the Skylink MCU feature, this number can increase (Learn more about our MCU/SFU).

On mobile devices CPU, availability of hardware acceleration, battery life, and available bandwidth are the primary limitations. On a recent mid-to-high-end Android or iOS device, 4 participants is a reasonable expectation on a 4G/LTE network. It should be noted that multi-party calls can have significant impact on battery life.

You can refer to our iOS and Android documentation on changing the protective limits in place to prevent the formation of more Peer Connections than a mobile devices' resources can generally handle.

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