The codecs used as standard on the Skylink Platform are auto-adapting in nature and automatically adjust to available bandwidth and network conditions to maintain the best quality possible. 

The actual bandwidth requirements vary by use case, the most bandwidth intensive being realtime simultaneous audio and video streams. While more available bandwidth is always better for call quality, our recommended minimum available bandwidth per participant is a combined 300kbps for the best experience.

There is no minimum bandwidth requirement in most cases however below the recommended speeds above audio and video performance will degrade noticeably as available bandwidth decreases. 

Signaling-only and signaling + DataChannel sessions do not have specific bandwidth requirements though latency may become a factor in extremely low bandwidth conditions.

Recommended combined audio/video minimum bandwidth per session participant: 300-350Kbps

Recommended video-only minimum bandwidth per session participant: 250 Kbps

Recommended audio-only minimum bandwidth per session participant: 20 Kbps

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