Temasys does not officially support the ADT/Eclipse development tools with our SkylinkSDK for Android. This information is offered for educational purposes only.

If you are using Eclipse with ADT (Android Developer Tools) plugin, you just need to do the following to start using the SDK.

Set up the Skylink SDK for Android

  1. Download the SkyLink SDK Jar
  2. Copy the SkyLink SDK Jar to the /libs folder   ( The Skylink SDK Jar should now be located at:  /libs/skylink_sdk-release.jar )
  3. Set up SocketIO Java. Follow the instructions on socket.io-client.java

Set up WebRTC native dependencies

  1. Download the appropriate WebRTC native library
    1. Download armeabi-v7a
    2. Download x86
    3. Download x86-64
  2. Set up libjingle_peerconnection_so.so in relevant architecture folders
  • Make architecture specific directories inside libs folder:
    • /libs/armeabi-v7a

    • /libs/x86

    • /libs/x86-64

  • Copy the relevant libjingle_peerconnection_so.so files on to the proper directories

WebRTC .so (armeabi-v7a) file is now located at:  


WebRTC .so (x86) file is now located at:


WebRTC .so (x86-64) file is now located at:


You're ready to go!

For more information on the SDK usage, please refer to the simple demo application or to our Getting Started User Guide. . You will need to follow the same procedure described above to add the SkylinkSDK for Android to the sample application. The sample application also requires v7 appcompat as a dependency.