In wireshark network packets (recommended)

If you are familiar with the application wireshark, you can use that to identify if the connection to the TURN server is made, which is the recommended way to check if TURN server connection is made.

You can identify those packets with

In browsers (open the required tabs before starting the connection),

In Chrome: chrome://webrtc-internals/

In Firefox: about:webrtc (Click "Start Debug Mode" first)

In SDK using 0.6.x

You can check the SkylinkJS logs by setting the logs to debug to see if TURN servers are only passed to the PeerConnection object.

You would have to set the log level to display debugging logs with (place) this before init() is invoked):



You can check the following logs:

- "Output iceServers configuration:". See the "iceServers" array for the list of iceServers passed into the constraints. If it contains only

objects .url string starting with "turn:", it means only TURN is passed for available connectivity.

- "Added candidate". See the candidate object and in the .candidate string, you can check if there is "relay" containing inside the string.

This means that available "relay" (TURN) candidates has been generated.

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