Using the Console

In your browser console, check for the following properties and make sure they match the expected value. 

  • AdapterJS.WebRTCPlugin.plugin.valid (expected true)
  • AdapterJS.WebRTCPlugin.plugin.isOutOfDate (expected true)
  • AdapterJS.WebRTCPlugin.plugin.expirationDate (expected: undefined)

For Premium/Enterprise version of the plugin, Check the following properties in addition to the one specified above.

  • AdapterJS.WebRTCPlugin.plugin.HasWhiteListingFeature (expected true)
  • AdapterJS.WebRTCPlugin.plugin.HasNonWhitelistedWebsitesDisbaledFeature (expected true)
  • AdapterJS.WebRTCPlugin.plugin.isWebsiteWhitelisted (expected true)

If screen-sharing doesn't work, Make sure that you are on a HTTPS URL and validate the following:

  • AdapterJS.WebRTCPlugin.plugin.HasScreensharingFeature (expected true)

  • AdapterJS.WebRTCPlugin.plugin.isWebsiteWhiteListed (expected true)
  • AdapterJS.WebRTCPlugin.plugin.isScreensharingAvailable (expected true)

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