We get a lot of questions about what kinds of data, if any, we collect from the end users of the WebRTC Plugin. So, first things first: At no point in the process of downloading and installing or using the WebRTC Plugin does Temasys collect any Personally Identifiable Information, or PII. If you're not sure what PII is to begin with, check out the Wikipedia article on PII, here.

That said, Temasys would like to be able to count the number of plugins that have been installed, to see if a given plugin has been used (but, again, NOT what it's been used for), to provide auto-update alerts, and to get some information in the event that the plugin crashes.

Essentially, there are three (3) calls that can be made from the Temasys WebRTC Plugin to Temasys servers.  Again, the information sent in these transactions DOES NOT allow Temasys to identify a specific end user, and they DO NOT contain any PII.


  • Method: HTTP Post to https://pl.temasys.com.sg/ (port 443)
  • Purpose: Counts the number of installs of the Temasys WebRTC Plugin
  • Information Sent:
    • Unique Identifier for the specific install / instance of the plugin - a number generated on the fly that contains no PII
  • Unique Identifier for the specific install / instance of the plugin - a number generated on the fly that contains no PII
    • Date of first use of the plugin
    • Plugin version
    • Browser user agent info - used to identify the user's browser brand and version

  • Method: HTTP GET to https://s3-us- west-2.amazonaws.com/webrtcplugin/CURRENT_STABLE (port 443)
  • Purpose: Used to suggest an update to latest version of plugin when available
  • Information Sent:
    • If auto-update enabled, plugin calls server to request the latest version number available
    • If a newer version is available, a pop-up banner is presented to the end user to prompt update to recommended version
  • In commercially licensed plugin, the server to which the auto-update request is made can be either a Temasys CDN, or the Customer's own servers

  • Method: HTTP POST to https://plugin.temasys.com.sg/tools/crashreporter (port 443)
  • Purpose: Used to send crash dump data to Temasys for issue analysis and resolution
  • Information Sent:
    • The crash report contains information regarding the user system (OS, browser), and the state of the WebRTC Plugin at the moment of the crash (threads, stack)
  • The end user is offered the option of sending the crash report to Temasys. It is not a mandatory or hidden process.

In the FREE version of our WebRTC Plugin, these are all things that are done by default, and we do not allow for these mechanisms to be turned "off". In the commercially licensed versions of the WebRTC Plugin, we *may* agree to turn one or all of these mechanisms off, if it is necessary for the purposes of meeting a given customer's requirements. If you need more information, please contact us.