In the angular.json, we set up the script as follows:

"scripts": [

In the app.component.html, you will note there are more html elements for the purposes of screen sharing, recording, and downloading the files.

skylinkTS is a complete TypeScript facade that exposes the Skylink API. To customize it, you will need to pass an EventEmmiter to the constructor  and, on the occurrence of a Skylink event, emit a specific event.

We import our new SkylinkTS using the ES6 syntax.

import { SkylinkTS } from './skylinkTS';

Please download the attached sample and follow the steps below to run the project: 

  1. npm install
  2. Set up your application key and secret in the private member of the AppComponent class.
  3. npm start

NOTE: This sample uses SkylinkJS version 0.6.35

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