While the plugin itself cannot be translated, the UI and the installer can indeed be translated into a different language.

Windows installers can be translated into all languages listed here.  Mac installers can be translated into any language listed in the "language and region" preference panel in Mac Settings.

Please note that the translations for the installer's welcome text and license would need to be provided by you in rtf UTF-8 format.

For Windows, is it possible to have a single installer with a language selector rather than multiple plug-ins that each support a language?

No. We do not support a single installer with a language selector for Windows, meaning it needs to be one language per installer.

Will my end user see any English text at all?

  1. The AdapterJS banner asking the user to download the plugin will not be translated by Temasys.
    Solution: AdapterJS being a javascript file, you can modify the banner text before shipping it.

  2. The update banner is generated by the plugin and cannot be translated.
    Solution: This can be easily by-passed by not opting for our Auto Update feature in the plugin configuration sheet that we will provide to you.
    You can still manually manage your versions by checking [plugin].VERSION.

  3. The browser popup seeking media access will be in English.
    Solution: Our commercial plugins have an inbuilt feature wherein all getUserMedia requests are automatically approved without the user needing to validate them. In addition, you can implement your own branded JS popup for this which can be in a language of your choice.

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