Temasys takes a best effort approach to catch and address any upcoming issues related to browser releases prior to their release to end-users by the browser vendors.

Usually, the release of a browser version does not require an upgrade to the SDK. We make every effort to maintain backwards compatibility for at least a period of 9 months.

Typically, the reason for any faults which may be experienced with new browser versions would be a combination of factors. Implementations change on both sides as the market moves.

To try to mitigate that, Temasys makes every effort to ensure that the cases are handled below the surface and that your implementation can expect a common interface from us.

However, unexpected changes in the browser can occasionally cause an issue. In those cases, we will make a reasonable effort to notify our SDK users of the issue with sufficient time to take action.

In case of any issues,  please contact Temasys Support by raising a ticket on our Support Portal or emailing us at userhelp@temasys.io.

Please include the following information:

  • Your App Key ID
  • The OS/ OS version, browser/ browser version used.
  • The nature of the issue.
  • Whether this issue is faced cross browser or only on a certain browser version.
  • Whether this issue is faced sporadically or all the time.
  • The SDK version you're using.
  • The Date/Time you faced this issue.
  • The Room Name where this issue was observed.

Troubleshooting Documentation you may wish to see: Frozen Stream, Jitter, Unable to turn on camera, Black Stream, No Audio on call, Echo/ Screeching/ Feedback.