With the Skylink SDK version 0.6.35 and onwards, Temasys will collect and securely store anonymous connection quality and performance statistics.

This will include the SDK client information and platform it is on, session states, authentication status, connection states, ICE candidate processing and gathering state, peer negotiation states, peer connection bandwidth stats, peer connection datachannel states and recording states.

This will assist with swifter identification, diagnosis and resolution of issues faced and improvement in the overall quality of Temasys services.

While the StatsGathering feature is enabled by default for new keys, to opt in for older keys, update to SkylinkJS version 0.6.35 or above and set Collect Quality Statistics to ON on the console in App:Keys under Manage Apps.

To opt out, set Collect Quality Statistics to OFF on the console in App:Keys under Manage Apps.

Alternatively, you may choose to disable this feature by setting enableStatsGathering to false in the config as illustrated below.

Please note that you cannot enable the Stats Gathering option in config by setting enableStatsGathering to true while Collect Quality Statistics is set to OFF on the console.

You can, however, choose to toggle between enabling and disabling the Stats Gathering option on config while Collect Quality Statistics is set to ON on the console.

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