• Screen sharing is optionally available only in Commercially licensed versions of the Temasys WebRTC Plugin. 
  • Screen sharing is activated only for  websites that have been included in the whitelist provided provided to Temasys for your license.
  • HTTPS is required for screen sharing functionality.
  • Screen sharing is NOT available in the Free version of the Temasys WebRTC Plugin

You can view the different pricing tiers available on our website : temasys.io/plugin/#features-pricing or contact our sales team at sales@temasys.io for additional information regarding this


The following properties should be used to identify if screen sharing is available in your configuration

Property Values if screen sharing is available Values if screen sharing is unavailable Purpose


 true false Plugin is screen sharing enabled


 true* false Website meets the conditions to allow screen sharing


 <string> undefined used as the sourceId for the screen sharing stream

* it is possible for this value to be false while AdapterJS.WebRTCPlugin.plugin.HasScreensharingFeature is true, this condition means that the plugin is enabled for screen sharing however the domain is not included whitelist and/or the site is not using HTTPS.

NOTE: The above assumes that your application is using the Temasys AdapterJS polyfill, if you are using a third party adapter or have implemented this functionality in another fashion in your application the AdapterJS.WebRTCPlugin object will likely be found under another name. 

 Code Sample

// This code assumes you are using AdapterJS
// https://github.com/Temasys/AdapterJS
if (AdapterJS.WebRTCPlugin.plugin.HasScreensharingFeature) {
    if (AdapterJS.WebRTCPlugin.plugin.isScreensharingAvailable) {
        // Screen-sharing is available on this website
        var constraints = {
            video: {
                optional: [{sourceId: AdapterJS.WebRTCPlugin.plugin.screensharingKey}]
        getUserMedia(constraints, gotStream, function(e){
            console.log("navigator.getUserMedia error: ", e);
    } else {
        // The screen-sharing feature is not available on this website.
        // Please check the website is whitelisted and uses HTTPS
} else {
    // Your plugin does not support screen-sharing


A permission popup will appear and let the user select what screen or window you wish to share.

Live Demo

We maintain a live demo that can be be used to test your screen sharing enabled plugin at the following URL: https://plugin.temasys.io/demo/src/content/getusermedia/screensharing/

* NOTE:  You must be using a commercially licenced Temasys WebRTC Plugin with screen sharing enabled and plugin.temasys.io must be included in your whitelist for this live demo work.