Temasys uses openH264 in the plugin to add support to H.264. The openH264 dll is necessary for the plugin to work.

Please note that the dynamic library MUST be downloaded and installed while the plugin is installed, not when it is built. Installation requires internet connection.

This means that plugins with H.264 enabled require an internet connection at install time that does not block the download.

If the Temasys installer fails to download the dll, the installation will fail.

You can use the HasH264Support API to check if your plugin has H.264 enabled.


If you encounter issues, here's what you can do:

Please ensure that your network allows access to the following files as well as the following actions :

In the case that network restrictions do not permit download of the dynamic library, you can choose to either:

1. Use a plugin without H.264 enabled OR

2. Use your own installer. Temasys can deliver the compiled DLL to you, which you can build your own installers for, which at installation would call on your own existing purchased / licensed copies of the files that we download from Cisco.  

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